So many worlds, so little space capability.


The stars may be more common than grains of sand on a beach but thanks to the new Keck telescope sky survey we now know that planets are even more common than stars.

Billions and billions of worlds.
Source: SpaceDaily.Com

Makes sense. Dust particles outnumber pebbles. Pebbles outnumber asteroids. Asteroids outnumber planets. So why shouldn’t planets outnumber stars? It’s all just different scales of matter after all.

The big question this ofcourse raises in peoples minds is what this all means for the possibility of alien life out there. Mathematically it now seems rather unlikely that we are alone in the universe. So maybe its a good thing the stars are so difficult to reach. Otherwise we might have already had visits from strange neighbours. History has taught us that cultural clashes between indigenous populations and more advanced nations rarely go well.


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